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Being an educator is hard work. You put so much energy into others, you often forget to put energy into YOU. Tired of putting yourself last on your to-do list? Looking for an easy way to send yourself a reminder to add YOU to your to-do list? Our self-care boxes are better than flowers and designed for the educator in mind.

Ordering for someone else? Add a personalized note to remind them of the amazing job they are doing to change the lives of those in the community!

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we differentiate boxes, too!

The Recharge Kit

Are you looking for a small token to yourself or someone else? Our small box contains 4-6 small educator-focused, self-care oriented goodies. This 6x4x3 box is perfect for the leader who wants a small surprise.

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The Self-Care Sanctuary

With this box, you receive more items that will facilitate a self-care sanctuary for those "rougher" days! Education is tough, the 5-7 items in this 8x6x3 box will help you through it.

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The Ultimate Educator Retreat

Looking for a package that provides self-care, productivity, and self-reflection? This 10x8x3 box is the ultimate educator's retreat! 6-8 items designed to bring you joy in the little things.

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Stacey Caterbone -Assistant Principal

The Caring Leader Box is the perfect gift for staff members or other administrators you know.

Tameka Harris - Assistant Principal

I love the Caring Leader Box and how it reminds me to give myself time and attention. So many times I'll see certain self care items in the store but never purchase them thinking I'll never use them or have the time to use them. A lot of those same items and even more, I have received in my boxes. Receiving these items has encouraged me to make the time to use them and realize how much I need to reflect and focus on my own self care. The Caring Leader Box always comes right at the beginning of the month and just in time to remind me it's Self Care time!!

Monique Soltys Graham - CLASS Assessor Early Learning Coalition